Eco-friendly houses from Lithuania

About Us

We, a small company, are engaged in the production and construction of houses using frame-panel technology.

These are prefabricated houses (panel board or modular) for permanent or temporary residence, as well as cottages, passive eco houses, townhouses, twin houses (duplexes), penthouses (superstructures), trade pavilions, etc.

The structure of our compact enterprise allows us to provide a unique individual approach to each project and client, which as a result is expressed in the quality and price of each completed object.

Our production base is located in Vilnius district, 20 km from Vilnius. Production started in 2000.

The houses are made from materials certified by the EU.

The basis of the construction our houses is a wooden frame with a thickness of 100 to 300 mm or more, in the production of passive eco-house

Houses are made only an individual project of the customer,

The main customers of our houses are residents of Scandinavia, Western Europe, and Lithuania.


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