PRICE 14300.00 EUR

The modular house is delivered to you fully assembled and equipped. Ready to move in. House is suitable for your personal permanent residence during the whole year or just a vacation accommodation.

Can be used as:

  •    a house for the guests or children;
  •   a garden or suburban house for leisure;
  •   mini sports hall;
  •   sauna;

  Options for the business:

  •    camping house:
  •   mini cafe-bar;
  •   mini sports hall;
  •   sauna;


  • Outer walls –unpainted pine board 20x195 mm covered with antiseptic;
  • Inner walls - MDF wall panels, Marmoleum walls in the bathroom;
  • Walls, floors and roof are insulated with 150 mm mineral wool;
  • Roof – folded metal sheets;
  • Ceiling – MDF wall panels;
  • Floor – waterproof laminate flooring, Marmoleum floor in the bathroom;
  • Windows and doors - PVC, 24 mm package.


  • Mini kitchen (refrigerator, sink, electric stove, hood);
  • Washing machine;
  • Toilet;
  • Shower cabin;
  • Extractor fan in the shower cabin;
  • Sink in the bathroom;
  • Basin tap, chrome;
  • Vertical 50 l boiler;
  • Electric towel radiator.

Additional options:

  • Façade painting – 380.00 EUR;
  • Terrace 1 sq m (min 6 sqm) – 97.00 EUR;
  • Front door canopy– 107.00 EUR;
  • External aluminium Venetian – 837.00 EUR;
  • Roof downpipe– 270.00 EUR;
  • Air conditioner – 505.00EUR;
  • House size increase by 3 sq m– 1620.00 EUR;
  • Sauna  (the heater 6kw) - 1500 EUR;
  • Chimney for the fireplace - on request.

Transportation and installation:

Delivery from Vilnius – varies from 1.30 to 1.50 EUR per km. Two houses can be loaded into one lorry (13 m). In this case, the transportation price is divided by two, therefore, it is more expedient and beneficial to transport two houses.

Unloading is organised by the Client. Unloading requires a robot manipulator or a crane with a lifting capacity of up to 5 tons.

The house is installed on the prepared foundation or the priming, as the house is waterproofed from below. Foundation can be strip or pile.

Connection to communications is carried out by the local specialists.


All the prices exclude VAT

  • VAT for legal entities 0%
  • VAT for individuals 21%